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This is erxes’s status page, where you can get updates on how our systems are doing. If there are interruptions to service, we will post a note via Twitter. As always, if you are experiencing any issues with erxes, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Website & Global Profile
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erxeshq Apr 07 at 02:43pm +08

Why CRM is necessary to run a successful business?

Discover interesting facts about CRM🌈 and what erxes X.O.S has to offer 💎

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erxeshq Apr 06 at 04:00pm +08

erxes is full of talented developers, star us on Github or contribute to us Let's help each other grow 🤝🌱

#FullStack #FrontEnd #backend #database #javascript #java #mongodb #mysql #Python #ruby #react #github #git #vue #html

erxeshq Apr 06 at 02:21pm +08

Our Product Update for the first quarter of 2023 is available now. Stay updated on what’s new with erxes 🙌

erxeshq Apr 04 at 08:01pm +08

Healthy food 🥗 can improve your immune system, maintain the right weight balance, keep your energy levels high and ensure good physical, mental and emotional health 💪

Join our Discord Community

erxeshq Apr 04 at 10:03am +08

We are delighted to share our interview with @DelgermurunP 🔆, a former erxes family member, software engineer at @JinaAI_ 🤖

It is a great read for everyone in the tech industry 👀

Read his insights here ✨

#growth #guidebook #interview #opensource

erxeshq Apr 03 at 08:26pm +08

Here are few not code website builder recommendations👷 we've got for you.

For more information on our X Builder plugin fill this form out

If you've got other alternatives comment below 💬

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erxeshq Apr 01 at 11:02pm +08

Build your self-serve online library of information about your product, service, department, or topic with "Knowledge Base" plugin💡

Fill this form out for more information

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erxeshq Mar 31 at 09:00pm +08

erxes is home to a team of skilled and experienced frontend and backend developers who are dedicated to providing high-quality work 💪

If you're curious about what our team can do, we invite you to star us on Github ⭐

erxeshq Mar 30 at 11:01pm +08

Want to take your email campaigns 📧 to the next level? Check out our Campaign plugin, a game changer for boosting engagement and conversions 💫

Fill out this form and streamline your marketing 🌟
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erxeshq Mar 30 at 09:00pm +08

Coding is all about consistency and dedication⚡. Also, it can be overwhelming and interesting. Everyone who write codes are geniuses 🧠. Just never give up, keep grinding 👊

If you're one of the geniuses make a contribution to our Github 🌐